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Frequently Asked Questions

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all the necessary documents needed to travel to Sri Lanka including valid visa and passport. It should be valid at least for 6 months from date of return. You will not be able board the flight if you don’t have the correct documents.

Please ensure that your name in all documents are the same , especially the tickets and the passport. To enter Sri Lanka, passports should have one blank page and be valid for no less than six months from date of arrival. Sri Lanka provides foreigners entry permission without any fee for 30 days from arrival. The requirements for this facility are a passport valid for six months or more on the day of arrival.

Those planning for a longer stay should obtain a visa prior to leaving their country of domicile. If you want more information, Please go through following web site. http://slembassyusa.org/consu.lar/issue-of-visas-to-travel-to-sri-lanka/ &www.immigration.gov.lk/web/ 

You can book anytime through our website and you will be charged 50% at the time of booking. However you might cancel your tour one week in advance. Otherwise We will not be able to refund you 100%. Please see our cancellation policy for further details. When you make a reservation, you can pay full amount if you prefer though. As we use PayPal , you are 100% secured and we do not collect your credit card details.   

You can book a hotel from our partnered website booking.com or If it is harder for you, please contact our live support and they will help you to choose an accommodation according to your desire. If you couldn’t book a hotel, no worries our chauffeur guide will find you a better place for you.

Please note that you must provide your requirements such as luxury, standard, A/C , non – A/C at least one week before your departure. 

 Yes. We have a dedicated team to specify your tour as much as we can. Please contact our live chat and they will help you to choose a right plan. And you can request a quotation trough our custom tour planner.

 You can pay online trough PayPal. And also we accept credit cards and you can use without a PayPal account. As we use SSL secure server, you are 100% safe. And we do not collect your credit card details. However you can pay the balance of the booking to our chauffeur guide who come to airport to pick you up.  

We have to prepare our employees to give you best service and If you cancel without a notice, there is no way to cover up our expenses. So we must secure your booking.

YES, we respect your privacy and maintain your profile information on a secure server. It can be accessed, maintained and used by you and only you. SPEEDO LANKA TOURS does not authorize any other use of your confidential information. To learn how we protect your information, view our Privacy Policy.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for information on cancelling or changing your reservation. In order to amend/cancel your itinerary you will need to contact us.

Sri Lanka’s Weather is tropical: hot and humid. Having said that, we must hasten to add same couldn’t be said of the whole expanse of the Indian Ocean Island. Climatically Sri Lanka is divided into two zones: the dry zone that spreads over the Northern plains, North central plains, eastern plains and northern and eastern coastal belt. The Wet Zone that encompasses south western region and the single mountain mass of the island that is aptly called the Central Highlands. Sri Lanka’s weather patterns are generally well-defined. However weather in the global scale moving in with widespread climatic changes, in Sri Lanka too it could rain unexpectedly: when it ought to be sunny and it could be raining and when it ought to be raining, it could be sun shine.

The location of the Island of Sri Lanka being just above the equator, the average temperature is quite high. Average temperature in Sri Lanka fluctuates between 27° and 29° Celsius. As everywhere, sea-winds exert a moderating influence. The areas of the Central Highlands are of varying levels of temperature in accordance with the altitude: Kandy (altitude 500m), the average temperature is 20°C, while Nuwara Eliya (at 1889m) has a temperate 16°C average. Warm clothes are essential in the Central Highlands.

Between December and March, monsoon winds come from the northeast, bringing moisture from the Bay of Bengal. Humidity is typically higher in the southwest and the Central Highlands and depends on the seasonal patterns of rainfall. In the coastal areas such Colombo experience daytime humidity above 70% all year round, rising to almost 90% during the monsoon season in June. Anuradhapura experiences a daytime low of 60% during the monsoon month of March, but a high of 79% during the November and December rains. In the highlands, Kandy’s daytime humidity usually ranges between 70% and 79%.

Sri Lanka lies 400 miles north of the equator and is affected by two monsoon seasons caused by the winds originating from the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. The monsoon weather patterns in Sri Lanka ensure that some beaches of the coastal belts are always in season for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. From May to August the south-west monsoon originates from the Indian Ocean brings rain to the island’s southwestern half wet zone, receive ample rainfall (an annual average of 250 centimeters. From October to January the north-east monsoon blows, bringing rain to the North and East. Most of the southeast, east, and northern parts of the country comprise the dry zone, which receives between 120 and 190 centimeters of rain annually.  

November to March –
The principal tourist season in Sri Lanka is during November to March when it is the dry season for South western and Southern beaches and the Central Highlands. November through March are also the months when most foreign tourists visit, the majority of them escaping the European winter. During the Christmas to New Year holiday season, in particular, accommodation rates at tourist hotels hit the highest levels all over the island in view of the sharp upsurge of inward traffic of tourists into the Island. Advance booking of hotel rooms during this period is highly recommended.

April to September –
The secondary tourist season that span from April to September suits well to tour in the ancient cities of the north Central Plains and the eastern coast.

July/August –
July/August is the time of the Kandy Esala Perahera, the 10-day festival held in homage to the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha, and also the time for the Kataragama festival in the South. In both towns, accommodation just before, during and immediately after the festivals is very difficult to come by. Rates could shoot up to double or still higher. The tourists wishing to arrive in Sri Lanka during this period are advised to make bookings of hotel rooms well in advance. Such is Sri Lanka’s Climate, tourists will find the right beach anytime of the year somewhere in the island: when it is off season in western and Southern coast, the Eastern coast of Sri Lanka rise up to the occasion.

Yes.If you want to hire a car during your holiday please inform us 1 week before your departure. All the pricing will be sent prior to reservation. You can choose the type of the car by contacting us through our live chat or email.

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