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Ultimate Travel Guide to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Travel Guide

Why Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country which has a lot of tourist’s attractions. They have a rich culture which goes to more than 2500 years ago. It’s one of longest written history from all over the world. A great traveler Marco Polo visited the land of Buddhism ( Ceylon ) on the way to Persia.

Sri Lanka has an enormous diversity in whole Island. There are more UNESCO protected sites which you can enjoy wild life and safari as well as cultural sites. Moreover, you can see most generous welcoming people in this Island. The times (UK) reported this as a paradise Island.

Sri Lanka AKA Ceylon AKA Serendib AKA Perl of the Indian Ocean, so many travelers call different names and it is the favorite place of the nomads.

When it comes to the activities, there are lot of things to-dos such as giant whales watching, white water rafting, water skiing, surfing, wildlife, hiking, taste spicy food, calm temples, mighty elephants riding, stealthy leopards watching, bird watching, kayaking, train tours, biking, and many more.

You might try what say modern travel bloggers such as Nomadic Matt

What is so special in Sri Lanka? (Ceylon)

  • Diversity – Sri Lanka has rich biodiversity environment
  • People – You can have one of the best hospitality and warm, genuine smile there. Sri Lanka holds the highest literacy rate among all 3rd world countries. So you will not have to think about home.
  • Ayurveda Medicine and Spas – Why don’t you try healthiest natural Ayurvedic spa?
  • Wildlife – It’s all about the mighty elephant. Isn’t it? The answer is “no”. Because there are a lot out there such as wildlife safaris (Yala, Wilpattu etc..), bird watching (kumana), rain forest (Singharaja) etc…
  • Beaches – It’s an Island. So wherever you go, you can spend time in awesome beaches with lots of activities.
  • Cultural heritage – There are incredible creations from ancient people. It’s a good experience to learn old Architecture, Irrigation system, sewerage system, Eco-friendly lifestyle and religious belief.
  • Spicy Food – It’s almost like Indian food. However, they add more spicy, coconut milk into the foods. Try their foods, and even you can learn to cook. Why not? Otherwise, you will have to regret not having taste food.

There are many things to explain here. However, as this is guidance for your travel of Sri Lanka, It’s much better to list more information.

How to apply for Visa or ETA?

As we mentioned in the FAQ section, It’s necessary to have a valid visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) upon your arrival to Sri Lanka. Also, you can get an ETA on the port of entry. Unfortunately, it might be delayed to the situation of your arrival.

ETA Sri Lanka

The ETA is an online based system which you don’t need anything to apply such as passport, document copies or photographs of yours. ETA was started from 1st January 2012.

You can apply 3 types of ETA from Department of Immigration and Emigration, Sri Lanka.

  • Tourists ETA
  • Business Purpose ETA
  • Transit ETA

Click here to apply for ETA. You can apply for an individual, group or third party from above each type of ETA.

Because of the traffic that they are getting and slow server that they are using, those government websites are too slower than you expected or may not be worked properly.

So we recommend you to use ETA service provider like etavisa-srilanka.org because they are committed to give you best, faster solution.

They offer

  • 24/7 online Live Chat and Email support.
  • Online Application
  • Visa Confirmation via Email.
  • Check status online and much more.

Moreover, they guaranteed to provide you ETA within 12-24 hours. That’s exceptionally great. Isn’t it?

But only con they have is little expensive than government prices. (Approximately USD 20). However, it is worth to spend.

All the prices will be charged in USD or any foreign currency which is equivalent to USD price.

Price Comparison between Department of Immigration and Emigration and Service Provider.

Service Provider (etavisa-srilanka.org) – 60 USD per passport holder.

Below is the list of regular fees from the government website. (These payments are non-refundable and not transferable)

Citizens of following countries who visit Sri Lanka for less than 30 days are exempted from ETA

  • The Republic of Singapore
  • The Republic of Maldives
  • The Republic of Seychelles

Children under 12 years of age also no need to have an ETA.

Embassies and High Commission in Sri Lanka

Please check below to find out Embassies and Consulate in Sri Lanka.

Transportation Service in Sri Lanka (Transit services)

Although Sri Lanka aka Ceylon is a small island which has 65,320 KM2 of the area, they use variety of transport methods. Public transport is widely used as passenger transportation on the isle. They use buses and trains as public transport.

public transport in sri lanka

As they have metered taxies (Colombo metropolitan areas), tuk-tuk aka three-wheel aka rickshaw (All over the island). But if you use these services, you might try to negotiate prices unless they have metered in the vehicle.

You can find more information about transport on our article “History of Sri Lankan Transportation and its distribution.”

Buses in Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Buses are the most used transport method in Sri Lanka. There are two main sectors such as private and government.

The Government buses are managed under the Sri Lanka Transportation Board (SLTB) formerly known as Ceylon Transportation Board (CTB).

If you want information such as time schedule (both private and government), bus fares, bus terminal info, you can find on National Transportation Commission.

You can make a complaint just by dialing 1955 anytime.


But, these public services are significantly slow. You will have to spend hours inside the bus. That’s why most of the tourists hire a chauffeur guide because it is cheaper and faster than public transport when you calculate all of your expenditure altogether.

We have explained here Why Should I Hire a Chauffeur Guide in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Railways

Since 1864 Sri Lanka Railway was begun, there are lots of rail stations existed until today even after British left the island. It was started as Ceylon Government Railway (CGR) which become as Sri Lanka Railways (SLR) today.

sri lankan train

The reason to start CGR was to transport coffee from the hill country to city of Colombo. However British used to transport tea later as tea replaces coffee.

The History of Sri Lanka Railways is kind of interesting to learn if you love history of European colonisation and how they affect to modern culture.

If you love nature, you could try railway tour which is amazing as it goes through uphill mountain, scary slops, and you can see beautiful waterfalls with nice view.

Please use our Custom Tour Planner to make your tour more flexible.

There are few services who offer railway tours.

However, these services are quite expensive. But we can pick you up from Colombo Fort, Badulla, Ella, Haputhale, Kandy, Nanuoya, Peradeniya. Please contact us for more information about picking up, and you can always use our trip planner form.

You can check general regular schedule here to plan your tour. And you can always buy cheap train ticket from SLR. If you let us know your plan, we can reserve a train ticket for you.

Taxis or Cab service in Sri Lanka

It is not that much hard to find a taxi or cab service in Colombo metropolitan areas or major cities like Kandy, Kurunegala, Matara, etc…

If you hire a taxi service, you will be charged at their high rate unless they have a meter on the vehicle. It is recommended to avoid such a service without a tour plan. Why you should waste your hard-earned money anyway???

How to plan a tour with a small budget?

Tuk-Tuk aka Three Wheelers in Sri Lanka

tuk tuk sri lanka

Tuk-Tuk aka Three Wheelers are popular among tourists who visit Sri Lanka and other South Asian countries. For instant as like most other countries, you will be cheated here too. You have to use your skills to handle these guys and try to negotiate always.

But it is not that much big problem like in other South Asian countries. Girls are perfectly protected here, and you can go anywhere alone anytime without harm. There are only a few incidents reported all over the island.

Air taxi in Sri Lanka: Sea Plane and Helicopter Tours

You can fly anywhere in Sri Lanka within one hour. It’s an awesome experience to see the paradise island on aerial view. Sri Lankan air taxi offers many schedules as per your requirements.

We can help you to decide where you want to go according to your personal interest. And also if you are looking for one-way trip, then we can pick you up at any destination.

As we don’t include air taxi tours into our travel plans, you must contact us or submit our custom tour planner to secure your spot.

You can select a helicopter tour or sea plane as per your preference.

Here are some air taxi providers,

We are abiding by to make an affordable tour plan for you. And also as we offer price match guarantee, there is nothing to worry. Please fill Custom Tour Planner and let us know how many air taxi trip that you want. So then we can include it into your tour plan.

All the above transportation, methods are monitored under Ministry of Transportation and Civil Aviation

Note:  As we are not partnered with any of above service providers, we do not receive any commission from them. There is no reason to promote above service providers. And we give you 100% transparency with any of transaction with us. That being said, you should know that you have right to ask questions anytime about our services. We recommend you to contact us before you book any service that we mentioned above. That way we can help you to plan your tour affordable, most valuable and quality.

Foods and Beverages in Sri Lanka: What to Eat and Drink

There is no doubt that you can enjoy delicious spicy food in Sri Lanka. So many travellers recommend Ceylon Food whether they had a bad experience in anything else also they never forget to remind delicious food in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Food Recipes: Standards and Recommendation

Sri Lankan foods are also pretty close to Indian foods. But it isn’t same as Indian recipes. Sri Lankan is more likely to add more spices. And also you can see that Sri Lankans used coconut for most of the recipes.

You can learn Sri Lankan culinary and how to make Sri Lankan food recipes in old villages. Some places offer culinary classes which we can direct you to learn.

If you love street foods, you may have to be careful before you eat them. Because most of the street sellers don’t have excellent hygiene especially in Colombo Fort, Kompancha Veediya etc…

But foods are under controlled by Food Control Administration, Ministry of Health. And Public Health Inspectors (PHI) are trying to get rid of those people, who are selling low-quality foods often.

Restaurants are graded under the manual of Food Safety and Hygiene (Chapter 03) which is issued to PHI.

  1. 75 – 100% Marks – A Grade (Good)
  2. 50 – 74% Marks – B Grade (Satisfactory)
  3. 25 – 49% Marks – C Grade (Unsatisfactory)
  4. 0 – 24% Marks – D Grade (Very Unsatisfactory)

If the grade is not shown in the restaurant, you have right to ask about the “Grade”. Usually, they don’t give you unless they have above B grade certificate. However, if you are traveling on village (rural area) side, usually you get good quality foods than high populated areas.

But we must say that food safety is not much issue for travelers like in other South Asian countries as there are only a few incidents reported such as upset stomach.

It is recommended to use bottled water rather than tap water and never purchase from street sellers who walk around especially in Colombo and its metropolitan areas. However, you could drink tap water if there is a label mentioned “Drinking Water” only in village areas.

As this is a travel guide, we are not going to explain more about food safety here.

Beverages in Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Why don’t you try Ceylon Tea which is one of the best tea in the world today? Sri Lanka is the 4th largest tea producer in the world. You can taste the fresh quality tea at the tea factory while you travel with us. If you get a cup of tea from local shops, they might not have original Ceylon Tea. So make sure to purchase from specific places for foreigners.

Sri Lankan Coffee also once was the largest provider in the history. But later tea replaces coffee. You must try fresh coffee as well.

You can purchase soft drinks (pop) such as Coke, Fanta, EGB, Pepsi from any small shops all around the island. Ceylon Cold Store is one of favourite soft drink producer in Sri Lanka.

But you don’t need to drink these kinds of company made soft drinks when you have delicious fresh juice drinks such as orange, mango, wood apple, pomegranate, pineapple, etc…

And also you can have great faluda or smoothies that Sri Lankan made at home. These are very healthy and fresh. Or even you can taste fruit salad which is so popular among locals.

King Coconut (Thabili) or Coconut or Young Coconut (Kurumba) water is one of favorite drink you must try if you ever visit Sri Lanka. If you buy a can of king coconut, you will never get the fresh flavour.

Liquor and Wine Stores in Sri Lanka

Liquor is not prohibited in Sri Lanka. You can enjoy without any problem unless you go to sacred places and/or temple and/or any places which are not allowed any alcohol. If you drink and use public transport, people will disgust you when they feel the smell.

You can purchase online

More ever you could find wine store in any city quickly. Just ask a local. And also there are beer shops in all over the island.

In most of the restaurant and hotels have their own bar where you can get any drink easily. But It will be expensive than local wine stores.

If you travel with us, you will be guided to secure affordable place.

Don’t forget to try local spirits or rum which is made from Coconut or Caryota urens (Kithul). It is a healthy and different from other alcoholic product. You may have an interest how they make it locally which is quite amazing.

Additional Tip: You can purchase any brand from the duty-free store from the airport at the port of entry.   

Internet and Wi-Fi, Mobile and Telephone Service

Sri Lanka Telecom is the largest internet service provider followed by Dialog, Mobitel, Etisalat, Airtel, Hutch, Lanka bell respectively. Being compared to develop countries, Sri Lanka has much cheaper internet and phone call charges.

4G LTE Internet was introduced in Sri Lanka by becoming the first South Asian country who use 4G. And also Sri Lanka hold the honour to introduce 3G, 3.5G first time in South Asian Countries. Excellent Connections are available in urban areas and small towns.

And also still Sri Lankans are getting the advantage of 3G,3.5G, ADSL connections.

The Government introduced new plan to establish free Wi-Fi zones island wide. More ever it is not hard to find internet café in any town except you are in rural area.

The Guardian reported that Google Project Loon has started in Sri Lanka to provide cheap internet to its citizen.

Additional tip: Make sure to buy a SIM card (Usually SIM card is free of charge) and prepaid plan from the arrival lounge. You can find all the telecom service provider’s outlet there. Usually, a prepaid card will be as low as Rs.50.

How to Exchange Foreign Currency into Sri Lankan Rupees(LKR)?

exchange money

Money Exchange is pretty easy, and It is recommended to bring FCs without exchanging in your country. Because you are only allowed to bring a sum of LKR 5000 or less amounts.

You can exchange foreign currencies into LKR at the arrival lounge from authorized money exchangers. And also you can re-exchange into your preferred currency at the departure.

You are free to bring any amount of foreign currencies which should be declared to the Sri Lanka Customs unless if it is higher than USD 15,000 (or equivalent). But if you intend to take out USD 5000 in currency notes, you must declare to the customs.

If you take out less than USD 5000 in currency notes, then you may not need any declaration up to USD 10,000 in any form such as Travelers Cheque(TC), Notes (less than 5,000)and American Express (AMEX). You can find more information from public notice of Exchange Control Department.

Authorized Money Changers can be found here. In addition, you can find exchange rates from Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

You can convert your money into LKR from any bank island wide. And also you can use your credit card, debit card, visa, maestro, master card at any ATMs island wide. But we recommend you to use Sampath Bank, HSBC, HNB & Bank of Ceylon ATMs.

Some branches of the banks are open more hours than regular time

VISA ATMs have covered the whole island. Just type the city on Global ATM locator to find the closest ATM. There is a daily limitation of each ATM which can be LKR 40,000, LKR 60,000, LKR 80,000 or max 100,000 (depend on bank and ATM)

It is not rare foreign currency exchange (TC, AMEX, Notes) at the hotels. Every hotel has a front office cashier where you can change your money. But the rate won’t be good, and they may charge commission or small amount per transaction.

Additional Tip: If you are looking for good rate and max conversion, then you may try local dealers who offer higher rate than above service providers which is not recommended. But you will have to do at your own risk.  

Accommodation: Hotels, Villas, Boutique Hotels, Cottages

There are huge variations of hotels and restaurants from standard to five-star luxury hotels. We have partnered with booking.com where you can book any hotels online in Sri Lanka.

However, we have planned to create our own portal for accommodation which we can launch soon. Please note that we have included accommodation in our all tour packages. So this will not be a big problem unless you want to customize your trip. But you might need to change your travel itinerary. In this case, please use our custom tour planner.

It is important to learn how to find the best affordable accommodation in Sri Lanka. We do not cover that part in this Ultimate Travel Guide.

Healthcare Service and Travel Insurance

Sri Lankans have free universal healthcare system in the country. Being comparatively its neighbours, healthcare service is in high standard.

All the physicians must be practised overseas in Europe or America to become a surgeon or specialists in their field. Otherwise, they will not be approved by Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC). And also Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) is working to maintain quality of healthcare.

Government Hospitals can be found here. Just use the filtration to find the nearest hospital to your city or town.

Here are some of the private hospitals

The Guardian reported that WHO declares Sri Lanka is a Malaria Free country. We have seen that some of the bloggers have commented on taking Vaccines before your departure. However, it is not a thing to afraid so much as they mentioned.

But it is recommended to take Vaccines when your government warn to its travelers.

Note: Even though Sri Lanka has free healthcare, you must have a travel insurance unless you are not covered by your insurance. Because we never know what happened next.

If you don’t have a travel insurance, you can get one from World Nomads.

How to pronounce Most Often used words in Sinhala and Tamil?

Please check here to perceive most often used words pronunciation in day to day life in local languages.

Emergency Services and Contacts


01. Golf

golf sri lanka

Now Sri Lanka has the facility for golf. You can enjoy yourself by experiencing our golf services.

# Location Name Address Holes
1 Colombo Royal Colombo Golf Club Model Farm Road, Colombo 8, Sri Lanka 18
2 Kandy  Victoria International Golf Digana, Sri Lanka 18
3 Nuwara Eliya Nuwara Elliya Golf Club  Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka 18
4 Trincomalee Eagle's Golf Club Trincomalee, Sri Lanka NA
5 Anuradhapura Eagle's Golf Club Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka NA

02. Kite surfing

Kite surf in Sri Lanka

You can fly your kites in the beaches of our Island and enjoy yourself. You can check more detail from Kite Sri Lanka or Sri Lanka Kite

03. Fishing

Fishing in sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offer better fishing holidays now. We offer a range of fishing trips and excursions for all level of fisher people. From guided deep sea fishing trips to fly fishing in the Sri lankan beaches and rivers. Fishing locations:

  • Kalpitiya - http://www.kalpitiyadiving.lk/
  • Hikkaduwa - http://www.fishingsrilanka.com/
  • Aluthgama - http://www.malubanna.com/

04. Wakeboarding

wake boarding

Wakeboarding is a fast-paced sport. It relies on the power of a speedboat engine, which reaches speeds in excess of 20 mph, combined with the arm and core body strength of the individual. The skill in this sport comes from using a single short board to cut along the surface of the water

05. Windsurfing

wind surfing

 Imagine effortlessly skimming across clear waters, gliding down the face of a wave the size of a cliff, or twisting and looping in the air like an acrobat…well, it might take a few years’ practice, but windsurfing offers you the chance to do all of this and more. Windsurfing, at its simplest, is a board, a sail and you. Sri Lanka offers the excellent services for wind surfing.

Note : If you plan to have some special events such as above, please do not hesitate contact us our live support. We are more than happy to help you to customize your tour plan as much as possible.

Sri Lanka has a 2000 years of documented history. It is one of largest documented history in the world. There are 3 main ethnic groups living in Sri Lanka. Majority is Sinhalese (75%), followed by Tamils, Muslims respectively. And according to government census 2012, Sri Lanka has 21 million populations. However, Population growth rate is significantly low comparing to other developing countries.

Sri Lankan women enjoy equal rights with men since long time. For instance world first female prime minister is from Sri Lanka. Specially in south Asian countries, there is no considerable freedom for women except Sri Lanka.

According to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Sri Lanka holds highest HDI (Human Development Index) among all south Asian countries. Moreover, also Sri Lanka holds high life expectancy, good health, literacy, computer literacy, low child death at birth, more women freedom etc…. The greatest wealth of Sri Lanka are its free education and health care, which gives its people better place live in within South Asian Countries.

According to Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), Sri Lanka became top 05th most generous, charitable people in the world.

Source : Charities Aid Foundation(CAF)

There are 06 main Cultural World Heritage sites.

  • The sacred city of Anuradhapura (1982)
  • The ancient city of Polonnaruwa (1982)
  • The golden temple of Dambulla (1991)
  • The ancient city of Sigiriya (1988)
  • The sacred city of Kandy (1982)
  • The old town of Galle and its fortifications (1988)

Natural Heritage sites:

  • Central Highlands of Sri Lanka (2010)
  • Sinharaja Forest Reserve (1988)

It is better to check out UNESCO heritage sites here on their website.

Festival by month:


  • New Year Celebration – All over the Island on 31st December and 01st January
  • Duruthu Perahara – Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara for 03 days starting from Poya Day.
  • Thaipongal – All Hindu Temples on 14th and 15th January

  • Independence Day – Independence square on 04th February
  • Nawam Perahara – Gangarama Temple (close to beire lake) for 02 days staring from full moon poya day in February.
  • Maha Shivarathri – Hindu celebration all over the Island on temples and homes
  • Koneswaram Temple -

New Year Celebration – This is the astrological new year of Sinhalese and Tamils. During this period so many cultural and joyful activities are held for nearly one week starting from 13th/14th April. You can have great experience everywhere in the Island. You can participate in many Awurudu Uthsawa (New year Celebration) activities such as playing games, dancing, and involved in other cultural activities.

  • International Labour Day – It held by political parties on different places and there are rallies over the road.
  • Vesak Poya Day – this is the celebration of Lord Buddha’s birth, attaining enlightenment and parinirvana (passed away) day. This is one of most lighten week in Sri Lanka. You can see all over the island lighten up using lantern, different creations, thoran etc… There are huge activities for a week or more starting from full moon poya day of May. And also You can see more food and drink giving away on all roads. It is called “Dansal” (Giving away many things such as food, dry food, drinks, free services.)
  • Poson Poya Day – It’s almost similar to Vesak Poya Day. However, it is based in sacred city Anuradhapura. When Venerable Mahinda introduce Buddhism to Sri Lanka, first he visited Mihinthalaya (close to Anuradhapura). There are more Dansal and Thoran same like Vesak Day. But the celebration is little bit less than the Vesak Day. It starts from full moon poya day of June.

  • Esala Perahara - In July, Esala Perahara aka Randholi perahara is the most famous cultural event in Sri Lanka which is the most popular among foreigners. There are other few perahara in Kandy, Katharagama, Devinuwara, Kotte, Bellanwila which are also of interest. Kandy Randholi perahara aka dalada perahara is the best cultural event in the island. And also you can see there are few dansals and thorans too.
  • Nikini perahara is conducted by Kotte Rajamaha Viharaya on full moon poya day of August. However, this is not much popular like Kandy and Katharagama perahara.
  • Vel Celebration – A hindu festival which take place annually from Kathirasen kovil to Kovil in Bambalapitiya or Wellawatta.

  • Navaratri Festival – It is celebrated by Hindus to commemorate nine days and nights in home and temples such as Veera Pathirakaali Amman Temple in Rajagiriya. Please see here for dates.
  • Nallur Kovil Festival – It is conducted by Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil , Jaffna. And it is the one of largest Tamil celebration in the country.
  • Sri Munneswaram Kovil – They are conducted Siva rathri and Navaratri festivals. And also Nikini perahara is held on September annually. You might have to consider their do’s and don’ts

  • Deepavali – Depawali aka Deewali aka the Festival of Lights is held in late October or early November.
  • Haj Festival – This is a Sri Lankan Muslims festival, they celebrate this in homes and Mosques all around the island.

  • Sangamitta Perahara – Venarable Sangamitta, a daughter of Great Emperor Ashoka brought a branch of Jaya Sri Maha “Bo” tree to Sri Lanka. It is organized by Handala Rajamaha Viharaya, Handala on Uduvap full moon poya day.
  • Christmas Celebration – There are huge number of activities on all hotels and reservation. And also there are Christmas celebration all over the island specially much more celebration near Colombo, Nigambo, Chilaw etc...

Note: There are special activities such car racing, motor bike rallies around the year. Please check here for some of activities.

FYI: There are many cultural events you can see and DIY things all around the year whenever you come to Sri Lanka.

Mask (Wesmunu) and Puppets (Rukada) Industry

Ambalangoda is the famous place to ancient Sinhalese traditional Mask (wesmunu) and Puppet (rukada) industry. Sinhalese is used to cure illness from the different daemons. There are 18 rituals. It is believed that these adapted from South India. However, there are only few families left who is currently involving in this industry today. There are main 03 types of mask which are Raksha Mask, Sanni Mask, Kolam Mask.

FYI: check out here to learn about history of Sri Lankan Mask industry.

Find some shops here

Ambalangoda Mask Museum : http://www.masksariyapalasl.com/index.htm

Lakhala : http://www.lakhala.com/index.php

Rajanima : http://www.rajanima.com/index.htm

Note: Please let us know your desire, then we will be able let know to our Chauffeur guide. So He will be able to bring you into places available in that specific area.

Ayurveda Medicine in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka developed its own Ayurveda medicine based on a series of prescription handed down from generation to generation. It has long history until 3000 years back.

And also Sri Lanka had the first hospital of entire world. Still you can see its ruin in Mihinthale hospital. And also Sri Lankan Government encourage students to learn ancient Ayurveda. There are some bachelor degree program conducted by Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute which is affiliated with University of Kalaniya and Eastern University (Trincomalee Campus) 

And also There are ayurvedic postgraduate degrees.

FYI: Please check below links to learn more about Ayurveda Medicine and information for government authorities.

Culture and Adventure - Best Deals

FYI: where you can have ayurvedic medicine and/or spa more information that you need.

There are specialized Doctors for different deceases such as cancer or HIV (AIDS) or any type of deceases that your local Doctor can not cure in your country or anywhere in the world. In this case, let us know ASAP about your decease. So we might be able to guide you into correct Doctor. However, we do not guarantee as we only guide you and we are not having any type of commission or partnered with them regarding Ayurveda Medicine.

Note: If you are looking for Ayurveda Medicine rather than having a ayurvedic spa, please contact us before your departure. And also our travel packages may or may not include ayurvedic spa on above places and/or another places. In this case, you must let know your chauffeur guide, he may be able to provide you spa unless you didn’t inform us before your departure.

Spice Gardens and Culinary Village


Spices are necessary in all Sri Lankan cuisines. It is very important what we need to use in order to make the food tasty. Spice history is going back to ancient times.

When Europeans came to Sri Lanka (Ceylon), They were very interested with these local spices. And they export spices into Europe and all over the world by making large number of spices here in Sri Lanka. Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka. Today, Sri Lanka is the world largest Cinnamon producer.

If you have interested to learn about Sri Lankan Spices, you might be able to find more information on “The Spice Council” and “The Spice Journal

There are few spice gardens and culinary village to visit for tourists.

Note: As there are no websites for all providers, it is recommended to contact us ASAP or always our chauffeur guide is abode by to bring you into specific location within your itinerary. Especially if you prefer to have cooking practice session, please contact us prior to booking your tour plan. Please remember, your tour package may or may not include above locations. However, you will be taken to those places if there is any Spice Garden or Culinary Village within your itinerary.

Ceramic, Bathik, Laksha Industry and Wood Carving

When the venerable Sangamitta, a daughter of Great Emperor Ashoka brought 18 cast of people from India with the Sri Maha “Bo” tree, a branch of Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi. There was one cast who assigned to do “Laksha creations to Temple of Tooth (Dalada Maligawa).

It’s rare traditional ceramic productions today. However still some of handmade ceramic artists are exists.

Batik Industry is one of most popular art within the foreigners and locals. Our chauffeur guide will bring you to shopping and to show you how they make batik designs. Here you have more information about batik.

There are few artists who won international competition in Wood Carving. It is very interesting to watch that how they are making creations. Some of artists are doing both Mask and Wood Carving together.

Here are some of producer’s website links.

Note: Our chauffeur guide will bring you to all of above places if your tour plan goes through those places. There are huge number of places where it is not mentioned as they don’t have websites. So we recommend you to contact us before your departure. You are always welcome to send us Custom Tour Planner. However, our all tour planes are customizable. Please contact our live chat agent in order to customize your tour plan.

Kandyan Art Association and Cultural Center

Culture Sri Lanka

There are some dancing activities that you can enjoy local traditional Kandyan Dance. As they conducted every day these events, you will not miss at all. Please make sure to ask about this from your chauffeur guide.

Local Martial Art – Angampora

It is believed that Angampora is coming from King Ravana era. So It has long historical value. When British ruled the Ceylon, they prohibited the practice of angampora as it is big threaten to them. There are few places still practice this martial art in Sri Lanka. Please check below links to learn about it more.

Note : If you have any interest to visit or train in these places. Please do not hesitate to contact us before your departure. However, Our chauffeur guide will bring you to those places if it is possible at the time of your travelling. 

You might interest with our HOT Culture Deals

Night Life in Sri Lanka

Nightlife in Sri Lanka | What to do and Where to go

Nightlife activities in Sri Lanka has significantly increased over the past few years. Specially government has involved to develop many activities for tourists. And also there are huge events conducted by hotels and tourists board in Sri Lanka all around the year. Please follow up our blog to check latest special events.

If you plan to stay in star class hotels, you might already have special events and also they might have pubs, pool bars and night clubs for in-house guests. That will be easy and safer if you are in rural area.


Colombo is the best place to have night life activities as there are number of events and places to go. If you like to enjoy playing Casino, then definitely it is Colombo that you are looking forward to stay at night.


Top Casinos in Colombo

  • Bally’s Casino – One of best Casino in Sri Lanka. Located at No 34, D.R. Wijewardana Mawatha, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka.
  • Bellagio Casino – A sister Casino of Bally’s. Located at No 430, R A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.
  • MGM Colombo – For special events, follow up their Facebook Located at 772 MGM Casino, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Marina Casino – Recently opened ( in 2013 ). Located at No-30, Marine Drive, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.
  • Stardust Casino – Located at 9 15th Lane, Galle Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.
  • Continental Club – Located at 425 Galle Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.
  • Tokyo Club – Located at 502/1, Galle Face Terrace, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.


Do you love to dance and have great fun while having some drinks? No problem. There are best night clubs and karaoke’s around the city of Colombo, heart of Sri Lanka.

There are plenty of places that we have not mentioned above due to lack of online website or Facebook pages. However, you might let know our chauffeur guide, so he may be able to bring you as you prefer.


sky lounge sri lanka

You might consider nice view such as roof top, beach view, sun shine etc… You can have good time with your families and friends.

There are few clubs in Kandy and Unawatuna. However, there are plenty of pubs and bars all around the island specially in Kandy, Galle, Hambantota, Beruwala etc…

Please see Complete Travel Guide to Colombo for further information.

Sports and Games Betting in Sri Lanka

Sports and Games betting is legal in Sri Lanka since 2010. You can find legal documents and taxes through below links. 

You might able to find good information here about Online gambling in Sri Lanka.

When it comes to sports, Cricket is the most popular sport in Sri Lanka. Volleyball and Football and Rugby also most famous in Sri Lanka. Here are some of best cricket betting in Sri Lanka. 

sporting times turf accountants

There are huge number of Sporting Time Turf Accountants places all over the Island. You can bet on horse racing and greyhound racing.



Escort in Sri Lanka

Escort service is not legal in Sri Lanka. But there are some street level prostitutes and well organized brothels, you can find easily.

When it comes to STD, it is not much problem like in other Asian countries. Please check National STD control programme to check current statistics.

According to wikisexguide , it’s not hard to find an escort in Colombo. For instant You can get a foreign national escorts such as Russian, Korean, Pilipino, Chinese, Thai etc…

As it is prohibited in Sri Lanka, there are no online sources where you can find escorts online.

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